Furniture Buanderie – Utlility Room


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Meuble Buanderie - Furniture for Utlilty Room in Walnut.


This piece is created around a very old door the owner of the house found at an antique shop. The door had numberous  changes made to it in its life and also in this case it had to undergo a minor refit; I had to cut back the rebate in order to get the door to close on the frame.

Also the owner requested a drying cabinet or sechoir made. Here he keeps cheese and sausages at room temparatures without insect being able to touch the food.


1020 * 950 mm


Walnut all out and  Beech for the Drying Cabinet

Construction method:

Mortice and Tenon for the part holding the dooe. The tenons are secured with home made walnut dowels. Since this method of construction is so tight and secure, no glue is used here.

The drying cabinet is constructed with glued half lap joints. Click here to see what a half lap joint is.

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