Your New Bespoke Piece

At my atelier -Le Rabot- I work alone and  custom make everything from presentation boards to tables. I specialise in hand crafted fine furniture and commissioned pieces for your home, and also take pride in restoring pieces you already have. 

1. Consult

Bring in your ideas. It is helpful to have a good idea of what you want. Some of my clients bring in a photo they have found. Then, together, we will have a good idea of what it is you want

 2. Design

Based on your ideas I will put together an initial design and estimate. This will help you have a good idea of cost and confirm the planned design. At this point I can make a site visit to take measurements, if necessary,  and discuss samples if needed. Now from the revised drawings I will provide a full quote and deposit invoice, and once this is paid the job is scheduled to start. Your final invoice is given after delivery and your satisfaction.

3. Build

Now I will source and select the best pieces of timber for your job. I store timbers in my workshop for as long as possible before actually working them so that the timber is in the best condition for woodworking. The process is not quick, but I do believe that custom crafting furniture does take time to do properly. During the build, I keep you updated on progress.

4. Enjoy

After the last finishing touches are done your furniture is ready to be delivered. Your new custom crafted timber furniture is then wrapped for shipping and installed exactly as you wish so that you can enjoy the great new feature in your home for years to come.

5. After service

Since wood is a natural product it can react to changes in humidity. It might be possible that, even tough I take the greatest care when selecting and assembling the piece, small problems can arise  after time. Might such an issue appear you should report it to me as soon as possible and I will -try to - make the repair necessary to keep the piece in pristine condition. And of course the repair will be without cost.