About le rabot woodworking walnut oak restoration

Le Rabot - the plane

Is the name for my wood & restauration workshop ( ebenisterie ) which is located in the wonderful Parc the Vercors.

To me the name points out to one of the most suggestive tools that a woodworker has  used  for over more then 2000 years, but it also emphasizes the fact that most jobs are done by hand be me. I do have a table saw, jointer and planer but those are only put to work in the preparing phase to ensure that all the parts are straight, square and arrived at the desired thickness, thus insuring that all the sub sequential handwork will be on the right dimensions.

I work with Walnut, Oak, Chestnut and Pear as preferred sorts of choice and some local hardwoods when available. I also use softwoods which are locally harvested, that I buy at the saw mill a few kilometres on the road.

Have a look on my website to get an idea of what I have created up to date. I will add more as projects appear.

I also do restoration of older furniture where I use the original hide - or animal glue which was used when building the piece originally

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